Saturday, January 31

friday, january 30

jeannie came to town and we enjoyed a mcfarland girls varsity bball victory.

thursday, january 29

restaurant week in madison! jason and i enjoyed an incredibly delicious dinner at fresco.

wednesday, january 28

eating food from our favorite mcfarland eatery...el taco loco. jason got to eat delicious chipotle chicken. i had to take it easy still and had a subway sub. darn!

tuesday, january 27

after not getting out of bed for an entire day, i finally picked up a little bit.

monday, january 26

eating ice chips in bed. yup, had the flu this day. it was not fun!

sunday, january 25

robyn and i were both working on our computers...and by working, i mean surfing the internet for me and actually working & scouring ebay for her.

saturday, january 24

so at 7:30 this day, jason and i were bumming around woodfiled mall. i would have a photo of that, but my camera battery was dead after a fun night out with pam and friends. here's a photo of 5pm instead. finishing a fun lunch at fox and obel with the girls. :)

friday, january 23

as we were heading down to chicago to celebrate pam's bday, jason and i passed a pink mustang. the license plate said barbie and it had a pink playboy bunny decal in the window. no joke!

thursday, january 23

jason helps coach the girls varsity basketball team at mcfarland, so i go to many of the games. this was a particularly exciting game, and the girls pulled off the victory in the last minutes.

Wednesday, January 21

wednesday, january 22

i heart nph. :) i caught up on past how i met your mother episodes. every episode i see confirms that it's the best show ever! they just keep getting better....lets go to the mall, today....

tuesday, january 20

robyn has fiesta wear and the colors are so vivid. this was me piling my dishes on the counter after dinner and being lazy. they'll always be there tomorrow!

monday, january 19

cupcakes! it was dave's work anniversary the previous week, but he was out of town that day. so i made belated happy anniversary cupcakes. like i need an excuse to bake!

sunday, january 18

fairly self-explanatory here. jason and i were watching the dark knight. it was a good movie but very dark. i was amazed how heath ledger spoke in that voice the entire movie....

saturday, january 17

who doesn't love a good hockey fight?! jason, my parents and i got to witness a few of them at the hockey game saturday evening. the badgers pulled ahead quickly, but ended up losing to colorado college. we still had fun singing along with the band. :)

friday, january 16

an easy evening of watching tv and relaxing on the couch. i was almost over my cold when the flu bug got me, so i decided to rest.

thursday, january 15

dan, me, shannon and john at luckys before the big golden gopher victory. shannon was losing faith in her team until the final few minutes when they suddenly started playing well. there were about five people out of the entire kohl center that were actually excited and she was one of them! luckily, shannon managed to contain herself on the ride home and did not start singing the rouser. dan would have definitely kicked her out of the car.

wednesday, january 14

i received some great news this day and celebrated with jason. now i'm just impatiently waiting by the mailbox for more news!

Tuesday, January 13

tuesday, january 13

creating my blog!

monday, january 12

snow, snow and more snow. i'm ready for spring! this is the tree in our front yard, complete with spotlight....which comes in handy since our porchlight is burnt out. :)

sunday, january 11

more planet earth, but this time at jason's house. it was the ocean episode, hence the blue in the background, and these are the candles that reside on his coffee table.

saturday, january 10

jason and i discovered the joy of the planet earth series. these shows are amazing....and addicting! here the kalahari is flooding.

friday, january 9

at seven-thirty this night, i was getting ready to meet shannon, becky, robyn and adrian at the wine cellar. i put the camera on timer and placed it on the shelf. here's the result.

thursday, january 8

shannon got some bad news this day, so i headed over for an impromptu girl's night. she has the pic on her camera, but i'll pry it out of her.

wednesday, january 7

my first cold of 2009 took a toll on my nose. i was not happy about this, but it brought amusement to jason.

tuesday, january 6

jason bought me a massage gift certificate for the holidays. (yay!) on the way home i drove behind this car. these stickers are not rare sites in madison, but they're still inspring every time i see them.

monday, january 5

i ran past the store and while i was walking back to my car, i noticed the shadows my legs were creating. kinda cool against a bright red coat.

sunday, january 4

jason in his true form. i was playing around with my camera so much that he eventually forgot i was taking photos. here, he is taking a moment to check the next step of his cobbler recipe.

saturday, january 3

it was sleeting pretty heavily this evening, but it didn't stop me from cheering on the girls' varsity bball team. unfortunately they lost this game, but they're still in first place.

friday, january 2

jason and i attended my company's holiday dinner. he was very excited about his whale tie. i was too. :)

thursday, january 1

the start of our year-long seven-thirty photo journey. bree came over for girl's night and we enjoyed wine, snacks and girl talk. i intend to learn how to start a fire....someday....