Monday, May 18

thursday, april 30

ahhhh, palm springs. although i was there for a culligan convention, i still enjoyed every bit of 95 degree weather.

wednesday, april 29

out at brocach with reina, bree and jason. i was pretty bummed about missing chris koza but knew that staying out late and attempting to function in palm springs the next day for work would not have been good. smart jen - 1, fun jen - 0.

tuesday, april 28

ok, this wasn't at 7:30 but i forgot to take a pic then. jesi and i were twins at work, so i deem that blog worthy. we were both wearing mary janes even!

sunday, april 26

i am addicted to being erica. it's a great show, both heartwarming and funny. somehow the message gets right to me every time. it's refreshing to watch a show that i can relate to and actually learn something from.

saturday, april 25

mexican for dinner!

thursday, april 23

piling all my stuff on jason's counter.

wednesday, april 22

it's nice to go out to dinner after work sometimes, so jason and i went to sushi murimato. the food was great, as usual, including the green tea creme brulee.

monday, april 19

jason hearts his new iphone.

sunday, april 19

stomp at the overture center with jason. it was an amazing performance and a great way to spend a sunday evening. here's a view of the capital.

saturday, april 18

after test driving cars in oconomowoc, jason and i visited this little bakery/sandwich shop. his burger was amazing; my egg salad delicious. i would drive back just to eat there!

friday, april 17

i love you man. hilarious! jason and i kept trying to quote it right after we left but were totally screwing up the lines. guess we'll have to rent it! (yay)

thursday, april 16

just figuring out what to eat for dinner. hmm....condiments or beverages?

wednesday, april 15

riding the escalator to our seats. just like last season but sans doritos! shannon, becky, adrian and i had the best time at the game. margaritas and beer flowed like wine. ok, shannon and i had one margarita each, but they were strong.

sunday, april 12

relaxing at home on the computer. martin & osa gave out free instyles when pam and i were shopping there. :)

saturday, april 11

visiting my parents in oshkosh. they're still watching quincy for my brother, so we got some good laughs off his crazy antics. i'm pretty sure poor willie is counting down the days until quincy leaves.

thursday, april 9

jason was over at my place, and we were making dinner. i'd just been to the grocery store and purchased the best berries, which i added to our plates. blackberries are one of the best parts of summer.

tuesday, april 7

i don't even know how this exactly happened; i blame the wine. :) becky and shannon came over for girls night. it was my first attempt at mussels, and they turned out delicious!