Sunday, February 22

monday, february 16

i love wings. love them. jason introduced me to asian zing, which i'm now addicted to. i also still love spicy garlic. we decided to feed our wing craving this monday night....

sunday, february 15

i happend to be getting a hug from jason at 7:30 this evening, so i took a very closeup photo of his shirt. not sure what the patch means, but i like the orange. it brought some color to a gray winter day.

saturday, february 14

ok, this wasn't exactly at 7:30, however I was at the game at that time. this pic was taken right after an exciting badger victory over ohio state. it was a close game! i really wanted to get a pic with erin andrews, so jason and i walked down to the court. she'd just finished talking with dick vitale when we walked up, which was awesome.

friday, february 13

another oops day....

thursday, february 12

hanging out at jason's for the night. my new purple tote bag had a seat at his island.

wednesday, february 11

wisconsin vs. iowa. jason and i grabbed some nachos on the way to our seats and enjoyed the wisconsin victory. if you squint, you can see bucky across the kohl center.

tuesday, february 10

my king-sized bed at our hotel in chicago. i was down there attending a culligan convention for work. never before have i seen so many culligan polo shirts in one place, however it was actually a fun time. largely in part due to the soft pretzels and nacho cheese sauce. ;)

monday, february 9

jason and i watched 21 this evening. i'd seen a documentary about the mit kids that took vegas by storm, so it was pretty cool to see the movie version.

sunday, february 8

a relaxing sunday evening at home on the couch. this is robyn's down blanket. it's super warm, insanely comfy, and i love it. plus it's a great excuse to be lazy.

saturday, february 7

at home in oshkosh visiting my parents. my dad and i toured the packers locker room earlier in the day, and then met up with jason, his parents & sister and my mom for lunch. we ended up spending the night in oshkosh, partially because jason feel asleep in the chair and partially because we didn't feel like driving back to madison. and of course barney and willie were there.

Tuesday, February 10

friday, february 6

greg and jeannie came to town for a guys vs girls gaming rematch. (the guys cheated last time.) of course this involved some taco loco, vino and some crazy scene-it game. soooo addicting and so much fun. and i'm pretty sure some tequila also made it into the evening.

thursday, february 5

autumn and i cheered on the badgers as they broke a six-game losing streak by beating illinois. it was a fairly exciting game, but we filled in the dull moments with catching up and eating nachos. (i heart fake nacho cheese and am convinced it's a legitimate food item to be eating on a regular basis. besides, aren't spicy foods good for your metabolism?!)

tuesday, february 3 & wednesday, february 4

yup, did i mention i fell off the wagon this week? i completely forgot to take pics these evenings. tuesday didn't involve too much. on wednesday i met my friend eric for dinner. we then went to barriques so he could read and i could work on my taxes. apparently i owe the feds $510. ouch.

monday, february 2

bree and i enjoy a good evening of wine drinking and girl talk. after her snowshoeing expedition, she stopped by with a bottle from barriques (it was delicious!) and we hung out for the evening. to repay her for the generous gift of vino, i supplied valentines cookies and little ceasers crazy bread. :)

sunday, february 1 rocks! i often stumble upon baked goods recipes that i just have to try. shown here are some really easy sugar cookies with frosting....a perfect way to start off february. jason helped frost them....and eat them of course.

saturday, january 31

oops. so, this day began my weeklong not-so-great-at-remembering-to-take-photos spree. here's a synopsis of my evening. jason and i went to dinner with my parents and their friends at eldorado grill (yum!) before they headed to the badger hockey game. then he and i ended up running a few errands, watching tv and passing out early. an exciting saturday evening! sometimes you need one of those though.