Tuesday, March 31

friday, march 27

fish fry! i couldn't believe how much jason and shane ate. they just kept going and going and going. i don't blame them though. the food is so very good.

thursday, march 26

relaxing on the couch and watching tv with jason.

tuesday, march 24 & wednesday, march 25

forgot to take pics, but i remember what i was doing. jason's brother was in town for a conference, so we helped get him addicted to the tv show bones. i love the way the characters interact with each other. the show's funny, heartwarming, frightening and suspenseful all in one.

monday, march 23

jason and i heart bananagrams! i'd heart it more if i actually won once in a while....or just once.

sunday, march 22


saturday, march 21

this photo nicely sums up jason's bday celebration in milwaukee. adding more won't even do it justice.

friday, march 20

i went over to autumns after work to hang out, eat some pizza and watch some bball. almost every photo of penny is blurry b/c she moves way to fast. the best was when she ran at the couch full speed and tried to leap up onto it, only to slam into the front of the couch. and she did that over and over and over. lol.

thursday, march 19

jason's bday! we celebrated his 29th at magnus. yum. :)

wednesday, march 18

robyn and i chilled on the couch this evening. a book for me, work for her. i think she got the raw end of that deal. she laughed at this photo because it looks like she doesn't have a neck. oops.

tuesday, march 17

what do you do on st. patty's day? you drink guiness! robyn and i headed to brocach and had a few. she's not irish, but she faked it well!

monday, march 16

ok, this wasn't exactly 7:30, but it encompasses my day. i got to have lunch with pam! my dad hadn't seen her since college, and he kept telling me she needed to meet a nice guy. awww....

sunday, march 15

jason's bball team had their end of year banquet. here the senior girls said a little bit about all the coaches. they got a kick out of jason driving a minivan in the winter and were wondering where his sports car went!

saturday, march 14

my family are all big fans of the food network, especially diners, drive-ins & dives. while visiting paul, we decided to hit up the town talk diner. (it was on the show.) delicious! i kept stealing jason's mac & cheese. it was soooooo good!

Saturday, March 21

friday, march 13

quincy. so adorable, yet so slobbery. i love watching him chase after his ball because it bounces everywhere and he's constantly hitting it with his nose and causing it to fly across the room.

Friday, March 20

thursday, march 12

off to minneapolis for the weekend to visit the brother. my dad came down from oshkosh that afternoon and picked jason and me up. we stopped at buffalo phils in the dells to eat before venturing across the great mississippi.

tuesday, march 10

in the kitchen....baking of course. i made black and white cookies for my coworker jesi's bday. my first time making them, but they were delicious!

sunday, march 8

all basketball season, i patiently waited for the uw/iu home game. and of course it was the last home game of the season; a season which iu had been playing horribly. i still cheered on my hoosiers and at one point got really excited that i heard other people clapping. i looked around quickly to see my fellow hoosier fans, only to realize that the people clapping were the players on the iu bench. i guess that tells you how many iu fans were in the kohl center that night.... above is a pic of autumn in her courtside seat.

saturday, march 7

there's this great laotian restaurant right by the barrymore theatre. we tried it for the first time and loved the food. the coloring in the place was neat and the picture behind jason had vivid colored of parasoles. after dinner, jason and i saw slumdog millionaire. great flick but gut wrenching in parts.

thursday, march 5

my favorite girl scout cookies. :) enjoyed some while watching tv and vegging out.

wednesday, march 4

jason and i spent a lot of time watching movies this week. we started off the week with how to lose friends and alienate people - great movie. on this particular day we watched quarantine - not so great a movie. at least the part i watched while peering through my fingers was slightly entertaining.

monday, march 2

relaxing at home with a glass of wine. so far this year, i've broken one of robyn's glasses and she's broken one of mine. we high-fived and called it even.

sunday, march 1

the snuggie is dominating conversations at work and apparently at home. jason decided to make his own snuggie out of his hoodie. fancy. we need to stop watching infomercials.

saturday, february 28

bree's family was in town so her sister, meg, and i spent the day watching movies. and not just any movies, all three high school musicals. meg's knowledge of every song lyric and dance routine was quite impressive. i'm not going to lie. that day i became a zach efron fan. p.s. happy bday jon!

Thursday, March 5

friday, february 27

craig at his finest. :) jas and i went to the friday night fish fry with the volleyball gang. the food was really tasty, and they had german chocolate cake for dessert. here's craig shoveling in some more food. at least the guys didn't have a fish eating contest and get us shunned from the friday night fish fry.

thursday, february 26

spent the night putzing around on my computer. stupid addicting ebay....

wednesday, february 25

my old coworker john and i caught up for a beer after work at the old fashioned. (i love that bar) here's me arriving home afterward. i can't wait until it's light outside past 7:30!

tuesday, february 24

first game of the tournament, and mcfarland was victorious. here emily shoots some free throws and scores some points.

monday, february 23

lounging at home on a monday after work.

sunday, february 22

earlier in the day, bree and i met up for coffee and she introduced me to bananagrams. it's kind of like scrabble but without the board. well, i finished none of the work i needed to get done, but instead lost in bananagrams over and over to bree. so, i picked myself up a game and planned with jason later that night. i lost but he cheated. wheed is not a word!

saturday, february 21

mom and dad came down for the badger hockey game, which turned out to be the very worst hockey game i have ever seen. although when the first goal was the wisconsin goalie practically scoring on himself, how high of expectiations could you really have? before the game, we ate mussels at le chardonnay which were amazing! at least the night started off well!

friday, february 20

gnocchi for dinner! jason made two different kinds, which were delicious.

thursday, february 19

mcfarland girls big game against columbus. the winner of this game would be the conference champs. i met up with jeannie and greg to watch the game, which turned out to be quite intense. the girls fought through two overtimes but ended up succumbing to defeat in the end.

wednesday, february 18

helping jason pick out a tie for his big game on thursday night. my fav is the blue with polka dots.

tuesday, february 17

sitting on the couch, working on the computer and crossing some things off my to-do list. yes, i am one of those people that will add things to my to-do list just so i can cross them off. it gives me a sense of accomplishment.